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The Provincial Public Library in Olsztyn invites you to take part in the international competition for a bookplate. "Moved the Earth" on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus. 

2023 is the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus, a well-known astronomer, revolutionist, genius, outstanding scientist and Renaissance man. 

By promoting the character of Copernicus, his ideas, works and life, we also aim to popularize the traditional bookplate as a form of artistic expression created with various graphic techniques. It is also important for us to create a forum to present the achievements of graphic art by artists from Poland and abroad. We want this prestigious event of international importance and reach to bring together artists from different parts of the world, renowned graphic designers and beginner graphic arts adepts. 

Bearing in mind your experience and knowledge as well as knowledge of the artistic environment, we would like to ask you to disseminate information about the competition among other creators by using all information channels available to you. Your authority will certainly have a positive impact on the reception of our competition and will encourage potential participants to participate in it even more. We count on your support! 

The appendix contains the competition regulations and the application form. The materials are also available for download on our website: The deadline for submitting works is September 30, 2022. Muutettu > 30.11.2022.

Director Provincial Public Library in Olsztyn

Andrzej Marcinkiewicz 

competition coordinator
Ph.D. Iwona Bolińska-Walendzik

Enclosure no. 1




Title of entry



Name and surname/Name of institution



Technique used and date of creation








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Enclosure no. 2


The Contestant transfers the proprietary copyrights to the submitted works to the Organizer in the following fields of exploitation:

  1. recording and multiplication by any technique on any medium, for the needs of any media, and in particular in the form of printed publications, display boards, on computer disks and all types of digital storage media,
  2. placing and using in any scale or part in all materials published for promotional purposes of the Contest and of the Organizer,
  3. uploading in any part to the Internet and computer memory, uploading and using as part of on-line publications
  4. public display, projection, reproduction as well as broadcasting and re-broadcasting by means of wire and wireless vision by terrestrial stations, broadcasting via satellite and the Internet.

Enclosure no. 3


By participating in the Contest, according to the present Rules, the Contestant confirms that:

  1. they are familiar with the Contest Rules and accept them,
  2. their entries are their property and are a result of their artistic work,
  3. by submitting to the Contest, transferring ownership title to copies and the proprietary copyrights, they do not infringe third party rights,
  4. they agree to personal data processing for the purposes of holding and promoting the Contest, organizing and publishing post-contest materials and executing title to copies and proprietary copyrights to the submitted works by the Provincial Public Library in Olsztyn, 1 Maja 5, 10-117 Olsztyn. The personal data provided are subject to legal protection under the Personal Data Protection Act of 19 August 1997. As the Personal Data Administrator, the Provincial Public Library in Olsztyn informs that the Contestant has the right to access and correct their data. The data will not be made available to entities other than those authorized by law. Provision of data is voluntary, though if not provided, participation in the Contest, including the evaluation of entries and publishing the post-contest materials will not be possible. The Organizer additionally informs that due to the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the EU Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, which is in force since 25 May 2018, the Contestant’s data will not be transferred to third countries and international organizations, nor will it be subject to automated decision-making, including profiling. Contestant's data will be processed for the period necessary for the realization of the purpose, i.e. for holding and promotion of the Contest, as well as the organization and publication of post-competition materials, and after the end of the Contest, for the period of exercising title to copies and proprietary copyrights to the submitted works; after that time for the period and to the extent required by generally applicable law. Additionally, the Contestant has the right to have their data removed, processed in a limited way, to object to the processing of data and to transfer data. In matters of dispute, the Contestant will have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority. Explanations in matters related to personal data will be provided by the Personal Data Inspector at phone number: 89 524 90 43,
  5. agrees to use their image free of charge, in accordance with Article 81, Paragraph 1 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights of February 15, 1994, by publishing it on the website: and for informational, marketing and promotional purposes of the Contest.


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Kiina, määräaika 2022

Guanlan Biennaali 2022

8 Kiina · Guanlan International Print Biennal 2022 on avattu haettavaksi verkossa nyt! Tervetuloa Printmaking artistit maailmanlaajuisesti hakekaa linjoilla ja lähettäkää alkuperäisiä printtiteoksia meille aikaisin.

1. Teosten vastaanottamisen takaraja: 2022.

2. Kansainvälisille hakijoille kirjaudu osoitteessa ja klikkaa ′′ Hae ′′ ja rekisteröidy ensin.

3. Lisätietoa saat mielellään sähköpostitse osoitteeseen

4. Osoite teosten vastaanottamiseen:

Kiinan Printmaking Museumin biennaalitoimisto,

- Ei, ei. 125 Yuxin tie, Guanlan Street, Longhuan piiri, Shenzhen 518110, Kiina.

Neiti. Lin Shimei + 86 18818428015, + 86-755-32960860,

Herra. Zhao Jiachun + 86 13613021365, + 86-755-29782520

ITALIA, Pinokkio-teema, määräaika 31.12.2022

VENÄJÄ, määräaika 15.2.2023

International Union of Social Organizations of Book Lovers
Ex-libris and Miniature Book Museum
107031, Moscow, Pushechnaya st. 7/5, stroenie 2
Tel: 8 (495) 621-82-21

International Competition
«Exlibris - Russia - Ekaterinburg - 2023»

The International Union of Public Organizations of Book Lovers, the Ex-libris and
Miniature Book Museum, the International Art Center "Glavnyi Prospekt", with the
support of the Governor of Ekaterinburg, Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region
announce the International Competition "Exlibris. Russia. 2023", dedicated to the 300th
anniversary of the founding of the city of Ekaterinburg. Works on a free topic or on one the
following special topics will be accepted: "The History of the House of Romanovs in the
Refraction of World History"; "History of Ekaterinburg in Cultural Monuments"; or
"Ekaterinburg – City of Architecture of Three Centuries". Special nomination – free topic.

Concise Historical Background
(for participants of the competition)

The history of Ekaterinburg dates back to 1723, when a fortress-factory was founded
on the Iset River. Vasilii Nikitich Tatishchev chose the site for the factory himself. The
construction of Europe's largest metallurgical factory was completed under the leadership
of Wilhelm de Gennin. The city is named after Empress Catherine I (1684-1727), the
second wife of Peter the Great. Now it is the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk
Region, the fourth largest city in Russia and the the unofficial capital of the Urals.

In different periods many famous people lived in the city: writers D. N. Mamin-
Sibiriak, P. P. Bazhov, V. P. Krapivin, the inventor of the radio A. S. Popov, military

commander G. K. Zhukov, General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid I.
Brezhnev, the first President of Russia, Boris N. Yeltsin, and others.
Architectural monuments of the past centuries have been preserved in Ekaterinburg.
Among the most important buildings are Sevastianov House, Rastorguev-Kharitonov
estate, Zheleznov House, Agafurov House, the first railway station, Borchaninov Mill, and
Borchaninov House. The oldest building in the city is the Ural Conservatory, which used
to be occupied by the Mining Office (built in 1737-1739). Buildings of the Soviet period
also are impressive. Ekaterinburg is called the "preserve" of constructivism. Such a large
number of preserved buildings of this style cannot be found elsewhere.
Most tourists know Ekaterinburg as the city where the last Emperor of the Russian
Empire, Nicholas II, and his family were executed. They visit the Church-on-Blood, built
on the site of the demolished Ipat’ev house.

Statute on the Competition

The competition is organized to support the further development of traditional

classical techniques of printed graphics and to popularize the modern achievements of ex-
libris design in the world.

Technical conditions

Works of no more than 15x15 cm in size (image) made in traditional techniques may
be submitted: linocut, woodcut, wood engraving, etching, aquatint, mezzotint, lithography,
dry needle, chisel engraving on metal, engraving on plastic, engraving on cardboard.
Photography, computer graphics, photocopy, and monotype are not accepted.
The designer must provide at least two (2) different ex-libris, 3 prints each. The
works must be created in the period from 2020 to 2023, and be in the exclusive ownership
of the designer.
The bookplates must bear in pencil the designer's signature, name, date, number of
the imprint and the technique below the image. On the back of the sheet must be clearly
indicated the full name of the designer, the title of the work, the year of creation, the city,
the country, all information provided with the use of a pencil.
The completed participant form should be sent by e-mail.
The works are sent at the expense of the designer, postmarked no later than 15
February 2023. The works must be securely packed. The organizers are not responsible for
any damage to the works before they are received. The works will not be returned to the
The works selected by the jury for participation in the final exhibition will be
included into the catalog of the International Ex-Libris Competition. The catalog will be
sent free of charge to the participants whose works are included in the catalog (after
publication). At the end of the competition, the submitted works will be kept in the
collection of the International Arts Center "Glavnyi Prospekt", the Museum of Fine Arts of
Ekaterinburg, and the Ex-libris and Miniature Book Museum in Moscow. The participant
gives non-exclusive rights to use, publish, and reproduce the submitted works to the
organizers of the contest.
Only professional artists may take part in the International Ex-Libris Competition
(student works are not acc0epted).
The works should be sent to the address:
Ex-libris and Miniature Book Museum, Pushechnaia st. 7/5, building 2, Moscow,
RUSSIA 107031.


The works are selected for participation in the exhibition and the awarding of prizes
by an independent international jury as part of:
-William Butler (England) - Executive Secretary of FISAE (1986-2016);
-James Keenan (USA) - President of FISAE (2020-2022);
-Klaus Rodel (Denmark) - former President of FISAE;
- Junod Benoit (Switzerland) - collector of the ex-libris;
-Valery Pokatov (Russia) - President of the Russian Exlibris Association;

- Marzia Zhaksygarina (Kazakhstan) – member of the Union of Artists of the
Republic of Kazakhstan;
-Ivan Rusachek (Belarus) – member of the Belarusian Union of Artists.
The final variant of the international jury will be announced at the beginning of
December 2022.
Ekaterinburg anniversary theme:
Grand Prix – 1200 Euro
I place – 1000 Euro
II place – 500 Euro
III place – 300 Euro
Free theme:
I place - 600 Euro.
II place - 400 Euro.
III place - 200 Euro.
Three special prizes of 300 Euros will be awarded to artists whose works are
recognized as the best on topics dedicated to the anniversary of the city of Ekaterinburg.
The Grand Prix is awarded to the best Ex-libris on the Ekaterinburg anniversary
Honorable Mention diplomas will be awarded by the jury to 20 artists who have sent
the best works on free and special topics.

Terms and conditions

The international exhibition "Exlibris – Russia - 2023", dedicated to the 300th
anniversary of Ekaterinburg, will be exhibited in August 2023 in Ekaterinburg at the
International Art Center "Glavnyi Prospekt". An excursion program will be organized for
its participants by the organizers of the competition free of charge. Transportation costs
and hotel accommodation are at the expense of the arriving party.

Information Support

All information about the event will be provided on the website of the International
Union of Book Lovers:, as well as the website of the International Arts
Center "Glavnyi Prospekt".

Application form
International Competition
«Exlibris – Russia – Ekaterinburg - 2023»


E-mail: _______________________________________________________
Brief biography_________________________________________________



Lists of Ex-librises (year of creation, technique, dimensions):





Signature Date

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HUOM. Kotisivusto kääntää englanninkielisen kutsun automaattisesti tönkkösuomeksi.Todennäköisesti näyttöruudullasi tulee päälle lisäteksti: Näytä alkuperäinen, näpsäytä sita.

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