Englanti 2020

Britit siirsivät ensin kongressin järjestelyt vuoteen 2021, mutta lopulta peruivat järjestelyt kokonaan. FISAE pitää virtuaalikokouksen syyskuussa pohtiakseen tilannetta. Ajatuksena oli siirtää järjestön puheenjohtajuus USA:n kongressin 2022 järjestäjien James Keenanille, mutta nyt Venäjä on tarjoutunut järjestämään 38. kongressin 2021 Pietarissa.


FISAE:n Tshekin kongressin osallistujille 2018 lähetetty tiedote:

Greetings! I am writing to give you news of the congress taking place in two years’ time from Wednesday, 12 August 2020 (arrival from 10am) to the following Sunday, 16 August 2020 (after breakfast).

The special feature of the 38th FISAE congress (see the leaflet here) is that this is being held in a college that is part of Cambridge University. The great advantage is that everyone can be accommodated in the same location, Churchill College.

I am told that many people booked very late for the Prague 2018 congress. This will not be possible for the Cambridge event, for these reasons:

  1. We expect this 2020 congress to be especially popular. Cambridge is high in the list of top places to visit in England. There will be fewer congress places available than in Prague 2018. If you book late, you may only be put on a waiting list (in case of cancellations by other people).
  2. Cambridge has a general shortage of hotels. Our host location, Churchill College is not a hotel, and it requires early booking. Otherwise the college will allow other conferences and individuals to book accommodation in competition with our event. This would be most disadvantageous. Churchill is a new, large college, so student rooms are modern. The college has recently completed a new accommodation building (named Cowan Court).
  3. Most rooms in college have ensuite shower/bath, but there are about 100 rooms without this. If you book late, you may not get your choice of room.
  4. The advance prices for early booking of rooms and for the congress participation fee will not be available after a certain date (to be announced, probably mid-2019). Higher rates will then apply. From 1 January 2020, still higher rates will apply (except for those people who are already on the waiting list).
  5. There are only 300 places available in the St John’s College dining hall for dinner on Saturday, 19 August 2020. After the first 300 people have registered, remaining participants will have the Saturday dinner in another location.

Please do not delay but register now online at http://www.bookplatesociety.org/2020registration.htm and immediately pay the small deposit of £25 (to show that you are serious in your booking. It will be refunded if in 2020 ill-health prevents you from attending the congress).

If you have already registered, this email is just for information.

You will see from the attached leaflet that a 4-day congress is planned. However, if you wish to arrive one day early or leave one day late then the college will make rooms available. Visits to places of historic interest are not being arranged during the congress, but instead as part of arrival and departure on the Wednesday and Sunday.

I am looking forward to meeting you during the Prague congress, when I shall be available to give you a printed copy of the leaflet (see the leaflet here), to answer questions and to provide fuller information. This will also be an opportunity for you to tell me about any special requests you have for 2020.

Every good wish,

Anthony Pincott

The Bookplate Society

32 Belitha Villas

London N1 1PD

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7607 5105

Skype: tony.pincott    (London)

Email: 2020@bookplatesociety.org

Website: www.bookplatesociety.org